GALEA has been founded in 1999 when Alain LEROY has met Gilles LEFEBVRE, the two founders who are today actual CEO. Initially dedicated to sensitive facilities protection in French Guyana, the company has known a quick development and has widened the range of its security activities and has exerted its influence throughout West Indies and Caribbean.

In 2006, GALEA has acquired, in Paris, SFERES Company to get skills about consulting and support activities as well in France as abroad. In 2007, GALEA has taken the opportunity to be in Middle East, Cairo, in opening a new subsidiary, Levant Consulting and Guidance - LCG.

In the same time, GALEA has worked to build partnerships both to enlarge its geographical area of action, with notably an acquisition of equity in RED International in Ivory Coast, and to get complementary skills grace to the experience of Arcturus Group, expert on institutional strategy and market development issues. In summer 2011, GALEA has decided to geographically all the activities in one same structure: GALEA GROUP.

Today, with its different geographical settlements and the networks locally built, GALEA GROUP has enlarged the field of its services to the elaboration of solutions for industrial projects assistance and development and partnerships building.