Code of Ethics

GALEA GROUP is subscribing to international principles of Human Rights, Work Rights and Environment protection.

GALEA GROUP is seeing to strict respect of local and international rules and to entire transparency of its activities. In that way,

GALEA GROUP is reserving the right to refuse each mission which would not be in accordance with its code of ethics.

GALEA GROUP is only involving with the certainty to get necessary means and skills to perform the mission.

Relations between GALEA GROUP and its clients are built on a confidence link. GALEA GROUP and its employees will see in each circumstance to never undermine the image of its clients and partners.

GALEA GROUP is attaching a great importance to the quality of its recruiting. Each professional background is searchingly verified and validated before final recruiting and each employee is involving to respect the values of the group presented in this code.

Confidential information from our partners or clients is staying their exclusive property. For all our employees, confidentiality is the rule.